Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Selfie.

Since I have been on my new pills I am feeling quite a lot better and taking interest in life again. The best thing is that I am able to take them with no apparent ill effects. Those of you who have followed me for some time know that I developed an intolerance to most medication after being given Convenia, so we are very grateful that I can take my new pills.

I am still spending a lot of time on the bed because I need to try and get back my strength and some of the weight I lost, but I am going outdoors a lot more again as well.

I told my mum that I could do my selfie on my own this week.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Eric's Day Flashback - Tummy Time!

Before we get to the flashback I want to say that this is our 2,501st post. If Brian hadn't said earlier in the week that it was their 3,000th post we would have missed it altogether. Our 2,500th was the Sunday Selfie.

This week the flashback comes from March 2011 and was one for Eric's

Tummy Tuesday.

We have had nearly a week of sunny weather so I like to lie on the shelf of our outdoor run and catch the rays. The run is only used for holidays but is left on the lawn the rest of the time so we can sunbathe on the shelf if we want to. It's a good place to show off my tummy.

Dad came over and rubbed his head against me. I think he is trying to make me smell like him.

Now I will have to have a bath and get my smell right again.

Quick wash of the legs and that should do it.

Finished! Don't do that again dad, it's me who is supposed to put my smell on you, not the other way round.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter, Sunday Selfie and an update.

Happy Easter to all of my friends.

I haven't taken any selfies lately as I have been ill again. On Wednesday my mum and dad thought they would have to help me to the Bridge.
I haven't been eating and just lying around looking very miserable. I had just about given up, but my mum and dad know I am a fighter and can make a miraculous turnaround.
I saw my vet and he gave me a shot and gave my mum one to give me 24 hours later.
He said that if there was an improvement I could have it in pill form but they have to watch carefully because of my intolerance to most medication.

I have had the pills for 2 days now and apart from being a bit loose, (not diarrhoea) I don't seem to be having any ill effects from them.
I have started to eat again, not as much as I should but much better than I was. I feel better as well and am more alert. We are hoping the pills continue to work as we have almost run out of options if they don't.

My mum asked me if I wanted to do a selfie today and I said I would if she joined me, so she did.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Eric's Day Flashback - Field Patrol.

This week the flashback comes from March 2011. It was originally a Mancat Monday and is called:
 Field Patrol.

Flynn: One of the first things to do when we are on field patrol is to find a good lookout spot to watch out for introoders.

When I am sure there are none around, I go and sharpen my claws on our big outdoor scratching post.

Eric: While Flynn is scratching I will go and check out the mousie situation.

I have caught two here. Mum took one away from me, but I ate the other one before she had chance to get it.

None under the wood, I'll just check the grass.

I have tapped around with my paw but it looks like my luck is out.

I will go and check in the hay barn instead.

Mum says we have had most of the mousies and the ones we haven't had have left home.

Flynn: While Eric is on a wild goose chase, or should that be a wild mousie chase, I will sit on the water trough and catch a few rays.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

It's my Birthday!

It's my birthday today and I am 17 years old.

Well I have succeeded in making it to another year. It was very touch and go two days ago, but I am still here and still fighting to keep it that way.
I am not having a party because I prefer to keep things quiet nowadays.
Please remember my brother Eric who will be celebrating his birthday at the Bridge with all of his friends there.

Thank you Angel Sammy for my lovely card.

Thank you Pipo, Minko and Mr. Jack Freckles for my lovely card.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Eric's Day Flashback - The Printer.

This week the Flashback comes from March 2011 and is called:

The Printer.

I was quietly napping on the Peggy blankie with my arms on the worktop and my head resting against the printer.

Suddenly the printer started yakking up paper and woke me up! I'm ready for you this time Mr. Printer. Try it again and you will be whapped into next week.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday Selfies

I have been having a nice nap while I am waiting for the sun to come through the window. Mum had to remind me again to take my selfie. I haven't really woken up yet so I had better try again.

I managed to get my eyes a bit more open, but I think this is as good as I can manage. Hopefully the sun will be here soon.

My mum came in later and saw that the sun had reached me, but as I was fast asleep she took a photo for me.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Eric's Day Flashback - The Mouse.

This week the flashback comes from February 2011 and is called:

The Mouse.

Eric: Do you remember when I took the photo of the mousie I caught last week? This was me catching it.

Mum thinks this is probably when I took the photo of it. I wanted to eat it but she wouldn't let me because I ate one I caught two days before, then the next day I yakked up a black mousie hairball.

She took it away from me so I couldn't eat it, so I went back to see if I could find another one. I had a good look in his bed but it was empty.

Flynn was there keeping guard too. He was a little bit annoyed that I caught the mousie and not him.

I'll just have another look.

Maybe I will sit here and wait for his family to come home. I hope they aren't too long or I might miss my supper.